Roulette, also sometimes known as the ‘King of Casino Games’ is a fantastic and exciting table game that can be found in any land based casino around the world. However it was only with the development of online gaming and casinos in the last few years, that roulette has also become one of the most popular and sought after online table games. Online Roulette gives players an amazing opportunity to still receive the casino feel from the comfort of their own home should they be unable to attend their closest land based casinos.

Roulette History goes as far back as the 18th century although there is much dispute among historians as to how the concept of the actual rules of the game began. It was thanks to the obsession of a French mathematician by the name of Pascal who wanted to find the perfect perpetual motion machine that led to the introduction to the concept of the game. The name ‘roulette’ actually derives from the French word that means small wheel. It was only a matter of time that the game of roulette developed in various ways over the next century causing it to climax to the best and most favoured game in casino history. Up until this day roulette is being offered in various types such as in the case of American roulette, European roulette, live casino roulette and RNG roulette. Although there is a slight difference between the American and European set up, their layout remains similar in many ways. The main difference lies between the layouts of the two wheels. In the European roulette, the wheel will contain the numbers from one to thirty six in black or red as well as a single zero (0) in green. On the other hand, American roulette contains the same number of pockets (from 0 to 36) while also including an additional zero figure; the double zero (00). The idea of the combination of both the single and double zeros originated from the original roulette wheel in France which was later passed on to the United States by French immigrants. It was there that it was decided to add the double zero (00) to the original single zero wheel in order to give a higher house edge to the game. Today this game is referred to as American roulette. The original idea of including a zero in the layout in the 1900’s was due to the fact that there was a need for further competition among players and the casino which housed the game. This saw the beginning of European roulette as we know it today. However no matter the version which is preferred among players, roulette remains an exciting game with various odds and opportunities for players to win large sums.

A player’s game play and experience varies according to the various strategies a player makes use of. There are many bets which can be placed on the roulette layout ranging from inside bets such as straight up bets to outside bets such as odd or even bets. Each bet laid out on the table pertains to a series of payout odds. For example, a straight up bet will have a payout odd of 35 to 1 which is the largest odd in roulette as this will depend on a full bet being placed on a single number. On the other hand a bet on all odd or even numbers will give out a payout of 1 to 1 as it is more likely that the ball will spin and land on an odd or even number unless it lands on the zero (0) or double zero (00) which is the banker’s pocket. The only chance of a player being able to win with a zero (0) is by either placing a straight up on the zero or placing a bet on a split, street, corner or otherwise where the zero is part of the combination of numbers. Whether a player is playing online roulette or in a land based casino, the objective of the game remains the same. Each player will have their own individually coloured chip with which to place their bets. These chips represent players’ cash which they would have bought at the beginning of the round. Once a player begins winning and they are ready to cash out, these chips can then be exchanged for cash. The same concept applies with online roulette where instead of cash the winning amount is added to the players’ online balance.

One of the many advantages which the online game has over land based casino’s is the fact that you can play Roulette either live or RNG (virtual version). Many online casinos give players the opportunity to play their favoured game with minimal or no download making game play easy and fast. Another favoured advantage to online roulette is that in many various games, online players have the chance to try it out without the need to commit immediately with real money. This means that players have the opportunity to enter the practice or fun mode of the same roulette game before having to register and log into an account. All online players would need to do is acces the game they desire, click on the fun mode and the game will open up immediately with an allocated substantial amount of free virtual credit. Should a player only wish to play in this mode, they can refresh the amount whenever the game is restarted enabling the player to play for as long as they desire. Real play on the other hand is offered for all roulette versions whether live or virtual. As live roulette is more often than not offered in real mode alone just like when you play Blackjack for real money, online players would need to register and log into an account beforehand. Once a deposit has been made (just like one would expect to do in a land based casino), the game will be activated in real mode and players have a great chance in winning large sums of real money.