Beginner Roulette Strategies

Roulette was and always has been the most popular table game in the history of casinos. No matter the type of roulette a player is playing; whether it is Live Roulette or RNG Roulette, this is the one game that remains entertaining and can provide high stakes and wins for all types of winners. The game itself is not a difficult game but beginners may sometimes find it a little overwhelming due to the different type of bet types one may place on the roulette layout and the odds pertained with these bets. In this section of this informative website, we shall be providing some information to help make beginners more comfortable when playing roulette and the main roulette strategies a player may use when playing this game.

When playing roulette there are two main types of bets a player may place on a roulette layout. Players have the choice of placing inside or outside bets; inside bets include bets being placed on the numbers themselves within the numbered layout such as a straight up bet, a split bet, a street bet, a corner bet, a six line bet and a column bet. On the other hand, outside bets include a grouped amount of numbers such as a dozen bet, a high & low bet, Black and red bet and an odd and even bet. Depending on the casino in which a player is playing, there is a general choice between American roulette and European roulette. Although the rules and regulations of both roulette games remain constant there is a slight difference in the layout. The American roulette includes the standard roulette numbers from one to thirty six but instead of including just a single zero (0) like in European roulette, it also includes the double zero (00). This double zero gives the house a slightly higher advantage than it would in European roulette. In either game, however, players can follow strategies in order to make sure that they try and beat the house and earn a substantial amount of winnings.

Most beginners stick to strategies which involve the outside bets (the grouped numbers). This is understandable as there is more of a chance for new players to win although the odds are lower than if a player had to place bets on the inside bets. However the lower the odds, the higher the chance beginners have to winning. A basic mistake that most beginners make is that any strategy being used is flawless and we always make them winners. This is not always the case as it is something that still depends on luck. But one of the most popular and successful strategies a beginner may make use of is the Martingale system. The way this strategy works is simple and will always depend on the amounts a player is willing to bet. Taking for example the following play of this strategy, beginners will be able to get a better understanding on how it is played: If a player places a chip on an outside bet such as black, the odds will be one to one. If the player loses that chip, the strategy is to place the same bet but only doubled for the next round. If the player loses this amount again, they will triple the amount of coins on the same bet and continues to do so until the player wins. By increasing the number of bets after each loss, the player will be able to win back the money lost as well as gain more wins after each bet is won. Of course this method works best in a perfect scenario where tables do not have any limits. However this is not the case as roulette tables have placed limits in order to make use of such a strategy. Another popular mathematical strategy similar to that of the Martingale is the Fibonacci system. As the name indicates, it was names after the famous Italian mathematician and his sequence of numbers. Unlike the Martingale system, the Fibonacci strategy does not require players to place high bets in a short period of time. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is simple and easy to understand. It begins with the numbers zero and 1 and it is an addition of the previous numbers until infinity. For example the sequence begins as follows: 0, 1, (0+1) 1, (1+1) 2, (2+1) 3, (3+2) 5 and so on and so forth. In roulette, the Fibonacci strategy uses the same sequence where each wager should be the sum of the previous two wagers whenever there is a loss. Each time a player wins, they will drop back two places in the sequence allowing them to bet a lesser amount after each win. For example: a player places one chip on a bet, if the player wins with that bet, the next bet will be again one chip. If the player then loses that chip, he / she will place one chip on the table; if this again is lost, the player will place two chips on the table, if this in turn is lost again then the player will place three chips on the table (2 chips + 1 chip for the sequence of chips lost). The sequence of bets will then continue as in the Fibonacci mathematical sequence.

Any beginner can practice and try out any of the above mentioned strategies by making use of the free roulette sites which offer players to play the game with free virtual money. This gives beginners a hand on experience on how to make use of such strategies and get used to them before playing for real money. This will also gives beginners the chance to adjust their bets to the best strategy that suits them and practice for as long as they desire. As mentioned earlier, some strategies are used as guidance towards an attempt to beat the house advantage. Through the use of either the Fibonacci strategy or the Martingale strategy, players will choose the appropriate strategy for them depending on the wagering limits and the total amount they are willing to wager.