Black Red Bet

A black and red bet is the most common form of bet placed by roulette players of various levels. Although the payout ratio is only one to one, this form of bet entails less risk and more likely chance that either one of these colours will pertain a winning number. Many players will make use of such a bet due to the fact that all numbers from one to thirty six within a roulette layout will be either red or black hence making the odds quite low. Through the process of elimination and the calculation of odds depending on the previous numbers, a player has a more likely chance of predicting a black or red coloured number. However in order to understand this form of bet better, it is best to firstly understand the layout in which of which the roulette game is based.

Ever since the 18th centuries, roulette developers were searching for ways of bettering the game of roulette. Although it started out as a game of Even and Odds without the specification of any numbers, roulette did not lose the popularity it was steadily growing over the years. Roulette later on developed in a way to include numbers until it was finally added the single zero (0) in order to cause more competition among what is known today as European roulette to the French roulette which was initially played. It was then that the layout similar to the one we know it today was introduced. It was only when the Americans got hold of the game through French immigrants that they decided to slightly change the house edge by adding an additional double zero (00) to the original single zero (0) game. This was the birth of the two distinct yet similar roulette games, American roulette and European roulette. Although different in the way the roulette wheel layout was formed and the fact that there was the differentiation between the zeros, the roulette layout for both games remained the same. This goes to say that the rules and regulation drafted for a roulette game also remained the same in both cases.

A roulette layout is based on the option for players to either place inside or outside bets. An inside bet is a type of bet which is placed within the inner layout of the roulette table. An inner layout will be setup as follows. A top of the layout, the single zero or both the single and the double zeros (depending on whether the player is playing American or European roulette) are placed in the colour green in order to distinguish it from the rest of the numbers. The rest of the numbers from one to thirty six are then laid out in numerical order in three rows by three columns while each number changing between the colours black and red. Each coloured number will correspond to the same coloured number within the roulette wheel although the roulette wheels layout of number is not in numerical order. In the case of outside bets, players will find that on the circumference of the inner layout there are various boxes marked as different types of bets which can be made as grouped numbers. Apart from the dozen bet which is also an outside bet, players will be able to place bets on general numbers without betting on a particular number. Such bets include the black and red bet, the odd and even bet and the high and low bet and column bet. The odds for such outside bets are low in comparison to the inner bets which better specify the numbers for which the bets are made. In the case of a black and red bet, players would need to simply place a bet on the boxes marked either red or black. This type of bet includes all numbers which are in either the red or the black without specifying the actual number.

As mentioned earlier, by placing a black and red bet, players will be at less of a risk of losing their bet than if they had to make an inside bet. However it is important to note that roulette is a game of chance and there is no right prediction or strategy that can always guarantee a constant win. This type of bet is mostly used by players at beginner or intermediate level who do not wish to risk large amounts of inside bets. Although the payout odds of such a bet are one to one, the player will still be covering half of the numbers within the roulette layout on either black or red excluding the zero(s). The zero(s) is never covered by outside bets and should the spinning ball within the roulette wheel land on a zero(s), then the player will lose all bets. A strategy most commonly used by certain players is the use of a black or red bet as well as a straight up bet on the zero(s). This way the player will be covering most of the roulette layout and is most likely to win some kind of amount depending on the bet. There are many other roulette strategies which use mathematical calculations based on progressive bets. This means that whenever there is a loss the player will need to double their bets the following round in order to make up for the losses pertained earlier in the game. However these kinds of strategies will only prove to be more successful if there was the perfect scenario of no table limits. Each roulette table has its own limits which predetermine the minimum and maximum payout ratios a players is to make use of during each round. These wagering limits as well as the inclusion of the zero(s) were placed there by the house / casino to avoid the manipulation of certain roulette strategies and to give the game a better house edge. However ‘practice does make perfect’ and although players are unable to practice their strategies and game play in real casino roulette, they are able to do so through the use of online casino roulette. Most online casinos offer players a practice mode among their roulette games which is also referred to as free roulette. By entering such game play, players are able to better acquaint themselves with the game and some strategies before moving on to real online or casino roulette play.