Casino Roulette

Throughout roulette history, it has been mentioned that roulette always remained constant in popularity although the game was banned from many countries in the past due to its gambling nature. However due to the restrictions imposed on roulette in the last centuries, it has managed to survive and grow as one of the most frequently played table game in casino history. Nowadays roulette has developed in ways and versions which are applicable to both online and casino players. Although online roulette has remained in constant demand by online players, casino roulette has still remained a must play in land based casinos.

In the 20th century casino cities such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Atlantic City developed in both Europe and the United States. Although both countries developed a slightly different version of roulette, both American roulette and European roulette derived from the standard French roulette that was first introduced in the 18th century. It was then that casinos similar to the ones we know today began to be constructed in order to provide a safe and legal environment for all roulette enthusiasts. Players from around the world were able to gather in one place and share a common interest and play for the love of the game. Players ranged from different levels of roulette experience, and although some chose to play the game for the mere join and fun it provided, other chose to play the game in order to expand a career as a professional player. Either way, players always started out as beginners. Although online casino roulette offers players the chance to play free roulette as a form of practice before the real game, casino roulette provides a real live environment for players to put their practice into use. There may be the case however, that players may find it difficult to travel to the closest land based casino as this may cause some players to spend some extra cost in the trip. Therefore online casinos have developed ways for these types of players to play with live croupiers in a live roulette version of the game being transmitted from within a land based casino. This is made available for players to play from the comfort of their homes and still being able to receive a real live sensation they would if they were within the land based casino themselves. This is easily done thanks to the development of the internet and new roulette software. The casino roulette is broadcasted in real time in conjunction with the play of the online player. Online players are able to place their bets on an imitation roulette layout as the one on the transmission screen and play will continue as normal.

In order to learn how to play roulette, players would need to understand the basic rules and regulations of the betting scene in casino roulette. The same rules apply to all kinds of roulette whether online live roulette or online RNG roulette. As there are two main roulette types; American Roulette and European roulette, the objective of the game remains the same. Players would need to place bets on a numbered roulette layout table with the hopes that the number they have bet on will be revealed as the winning number. The odds of course differ depending on the type of bet the player has placed. Apart from the roulette wheel layout, American and European roulette also differ in the fact that American roulette has added an additional house advantage which is the double zero (00). This was added at an early stage of roulette development when it was introduced in the United States in order to create more of a competition between the house and the players. Another development in the roulette game which was introduced by the Americans was the fact that it was they who came up with the idea to move the roulette wheel high up on the table next to the roulette table layout in order to avoid any schemes and cheating from the players and the casino itself. Therefore casino roulette became a whole new ‘ball game’. Although there were many Roulette strategies that became popular over the years, players were limited in manipulating such strategies due to the limits which were placed on the roulette tables. Each table has its own minimum and maximum wagering amounts and it is up to the players to choose the appropriate table for them depending on their pockets. After that it was only a matter of players deciding what kinds of bets and strategies to use with each game round.

In order for a game to get started, players would need to change their cash into chips which are to be placed on a roulette layout. In both casino roulette and online casino roulette, players are not allowed to place real cash on the table. Each chip is colour coordinated and varies for each player so as not to cause confusion between each player’s game play. Making sure to place bets within the table limits, players will then begin placing their bets on the roulette layout. Bets may include inside or outside bets depending on whether the player wishes to place bets on the numbers within the layout, such as a straight up bet which consists of a bet on a single number, or as a grouped bet of many numbers such in the case of a black or red bet. A specific amount of time is allocated to the betting process and while players are placing their bets on the table, the croupier would have spun the roulette wheel. Once the betting process has ended, then the croupier will indicate that no more bets will be allowed and the small ball is spun within the roulette wheel. As soon as the ball stops spinning, it will land on a numbered slot within the wheel revealing it to be the winning number. This number will then be marked on the table. All bets which did not include the winning number are removed from the table as they would be collected by the house, while any winning bets will be handed the appropriate payout depending on the bet made and its odds.