Corner Bet

Throughout casino history roulette was and always has been the most popular table game. Although gambling roulette was banned in various European countries, it still remained a game of chance and excitement for many players from around the world. Players of all levels ranging from beginners to professionals played the game. Although there are various versions of the game, the objective remains the same in all cases; and that is for players to try and beat the house edge by placing bets on numbers they think will end up being the winning number.

Roulette strategies involve a number of various mathematical progressions which aid players to reach that one step further in gaining the upper hand against the house. Strategies involve the use of different types of bets be it inside bets or outside bets. But in order to understand roulette strategies players must firstly understand the method in which roulette is played and the various betting types. A roulette layout may differ slightly depending on whether the player is playing either American roulette or European roulette. The numbers within a roulette wheel and roulette layout are between the numbers 0 to 36. However one factor that makes American roulette different to European roulette is that they have added an additional zero figure, the double zero (00) in order to add more to the house edge. The zero(s) are located at the top of a roulette table in the colour green, while all other numbers from one to thirty six are located in numerical order in three columns by three rows. The rest of the numbers alternate between the colours red and black depending on the roulette wheel layout. As mentioned earlier the roulette layout is divided into inside or outside bets. Inside bets are any bets placed within the inner layout of the roulette table where the numbers are located. While on the other hand, outside bets are any bets placed within the boxes marked as either Odd and Even, Black and red, dozen or high and low and the three distinctly marked column bets at the bottom of the roulette layout table. These bets will include a general group of numbers without particularly betting on a specific number. Inside bets include a straight up bet whereby players place a bet on a single number alone, a split bet whereby players place a bet covering two adjacent numbers, a street bet whereby players place a bet covering three adjacent numbers, and a six line bet whereby players are covering six adjacent numbers and of course a corner bet.

A corner bet or sometimes also referred to as a Quad bet is any bet placed within the inner layout of the roulette table which covers four adjacent numbers. In order to place such bets, players will need to place a chip on the cross path between four numbers. This form of bet has a payout ratio of 8 to 1 meaning that should the winning number be among the numbers within the quad, then the player will receive eight times the amount bet. The player has various chances to place a corner bet within the roulette layout including the ability to include the zero(s) with this kind of bet. An example of such a corner bet can be in the case where the numbers 4 5 7 8 are included. Players of all levels will seek out new and popular roulette strategies with which to try and beat the odds of the table. One such popular strategy is the Five Quad (corner) strategy. This strategy entails players to place bets on five different corners as well as one straight up bet. In this case the player will be covering twenty one numbers in total. In this form of strategy it is important that players do not choose a straight up number (a bet that covers a single number only) that is not included in the corner bet in order to cover the twenty one numbers. Should the player then choose a straight up number within one of the corner bets, then it is only natural that they will only be covering twenty numbers within the roulette layout.

In any case that a player would like to practice such bets as a corner bet and the strategies which include it, players may find online roulette the best solution in practicing roulette. Many online casinos offer players the chance to play free roulette. This is made possible thanks to the advanced roulette software that these online casinos have utilised in their online casino roulette. More often than not a player need simply locate an online casino that offers roulette as a virtual game and players can simply select the ‘practice mode’ of the game without having to register and log into an account. Once the player feels that they have fully acquainted themselves with the game and wishes to put their new game strategies to practice with real money, they may do so with the real play available within the game itself. However in order to do this, players would need to register for an account and log in with real money within their account. Through this players are able to win real money with each and every win. Be it at the odds of 8 to 1 through the play of a corner bet or the odds of 35 to 1 when playing a straight up bet. The objective of online roulette as well as casino roulette remains the same no matter the game being played. And through the use of as many strategies as possible and the fact that players are better off covering as many numbers within the layout as possible, will increase their chances in winning big. It is important, however, to keep in mind that although the players are able to place as many bets as they like within a single round of roulette, they will need to stick to the table limits. The maximum and minimum betting amounts are placed within each table in order for the house to keep checks on the total bets placed by players on the table.