Dozen Bet

Roulette is an exciting game that has been in the casino scene for a number of centuries. Its popularity has grown immensely since its introduction in the 18th century. And although it was banned a number of times in different countries due to it gambling nature during the first years of its existence, roulette has still remained a game most favoured among players. Roulette gambling was firs legalised later on in roulette history in casino cities such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Atlantic City. And since this game was mostly well known in Europe and the United States it was inevitable that two different types of roulette were to be played; the American roulette and the European game of roulette.

Although these two roulette types became the most popular, the distinction between the two is slight. Apart from the difference in the roulette wheel layout, these two roulette games differ also by the fact that the American roulette has added an additional house edge to its layout, the double zero (00) as well as the single zero (0) which is also available in European roulette. Other than that, the rest of the layout remains pretty much the same enabling roulette players to still partake in the same rules, regulations and betting types of the roulette game. A roulette layout is made of a table mat where the numbers from one to thirty six are laid out in numerical order in three columns by three rows. Each number alternates between the colours red and black depending on the roulette wheel layout. The roulette wheels, on the other hand, are not laid out in numerical order, but instead each type of roulette wheel is set out in a distinct way. The single zero (0) or both the single and double zeros (depending on the roulette game being played) are laid out at the top of the roulette layout in green in order to distinguish them from the rest of the numbers. Any bets placed within these numbered fields are called inside bets. At the same time, around the circumference of the inside layout, there are also other forms of bets that a player can place which entail the grouping of different types of numbers. Such bets include the dozen bet, black and red bet, high and low bet, odd and even bet and column bet. As one can see these types of bets take a general group of numbers however their payout odds are less than any inside bet.

A Dozen bet is one such outside bet which is made up of a bet including three distinct grouping of the first dozen numbers from 1 to 12, the second dozen numbers from 13 to 24 and finally the third dozen numbers from 25 to 36. A player may simply place a bet on any of these marked outside boxes indicating the selected the dozen and the player’s bet will cover any of these numbers within the dozen. The payout odd for such a bet is 2 to 1; much lower than if a player had to place a bet such as a straight up directly on a single particular number where the payout odd is 35 to 1. However by placing a bet such as a dozen bet, the player covers a third of the numbers on the layout excluding the zero(s). Although the zero(s) is considered a house edge that was included in the roulette layout to include a house advantage and further competition between the house and the players, there are no outside bets that include this zero(s). Therefore should a player wish to bet on the zero(s) an inside bet would need to be made. Although a dozen bet payout odd is 2 to 1 it is not the least possible odd available within outside bets. More information on other types of bets can be found within separate sections of this informative website. It is important to mention however that most players who make use of such general outside bets are players who require low risk play whose chances are more likely to succeed when placing a bet such as a dozen bet; this is why the odds are so low.

There are different levels a player may reach when playing roulette and these range between beginner and professional. A beginner is more likely to play for the fun and excitement of the game while a professional player will play to build a career in the game. However no matter the level, there are also roulette strategies a player can make use of. Roulette strategies are constantly becoming popular with the hopes that a player can beat the house edge in any form. Although this may sound highly impossible, there are ways of making use of various betting types such as the dozen bet where players can cover as many numbers on the roulette layout as possible while still keeping within the limits of the table. Table limits were placed in roulette in order to predetermine the minimum and maximum wagering amounts a player is allowed to place in each round of roulette. The house came up with such a rule in order to avoid the manipulation of such strategies where players would keep doubling their bets after each loss. The good thing about such table limits however is that players have the choice to play certain roulette games depending on their pockets before engaging in a real game. While this is true, there are also other options a player may find more useful when it comes to practicing and acquainting themselves further with the roulette rules and regulations, and that is through the use of online casino roulette and free roulette. Online casinos are now offering online players the chance to play roulette for free be it live roulette or RNG roulette in order to perfect their strategies. Should a player however wish to play for real money also by entering the gambling side of roulette, they may also do so thanks to the ability of playing with real money with online roulette.