European Roulette

Depending on the casino a player has attended, they will come across two main versions of roulette; the European Roulette and the American Roulette. Although both games derived from the same introduction in France, there are still some slight differences between one game and the other while the main rules and regulations of the roulette game remain the same in both roulettes. But before being able to understand how to play roulette, players will need to understand the difference between these two roulettes. The main difference is in the roulette wheel and layout.

Although roulette history tells us that there always seemed to be games comprised of a wheel and ball, nobody knows for sure where and when these types of games began. Many historians will argue that it all began in Egypt but there is no substantial proof to back this idea up. However, written proof on the origins of the roulette game has been found in France where a mathematician by the name of Balaise came up with a brilliant idea in the 1700s. He was so obsessed in finding the perfect motion mechanism which could turn on its own axel that his research led to the introduction of a new game… roulette. The name ‘roulette’ derived from the French world meaning small rotating wheel. The European roulette as such is named so as the first type of roulette was invented in Europe. The original game comprised of a wheel with the letters E and O marked in various pockets. These represented either Even or Odd numbers. The players would bet whether the ball spinning within the wheel would either land on an odd or even pocket although the wheel never contained numbers.

Unfortunately however this version of roulette was losing the interest of many players. It was the brothers Blanc who then decided to add a zero (0) to the roulette wheel in order to make it more competitive. This led to the European roulette as we know it today. The colour green was given to the zero at a later stage as well as actual numbers instead of the markings odd and even on the pockets within the wheel. Due to the illegalisation of gambling in many European countries such as Germany, France and England, the Blanc brothers moved their games and their business to Monte Carlo in Monaco where a new gambling scene developed for the elite. This began a new trend and became a turning point in casino history. It was thanks to the start of European roulette that casino destinations such as Monte Carlo and Las Vegas developed as well as the introduction to American Roulette.

Up until this present day, players are still attracted to European roulette. It is an easy and fast game to play and can be played by players with different levels of experience. Therefore whether a player plays just for fun or plays in order to increase their career in roulette, players are challenged to play roulette in various forms. With the increased advancement in internet usage and the development of online roulette, players are able to attend European roulette tournaments as well as Live Roulette or virtual RNG roulette online from the comfort of their own home. The method in which European roulette is played is easy and fast although some players can make use of some Roulette Strategies in order to increase their chances of winning. European roulette is comprised of thirty six numbers plus the single zero (0). Players are given a certain amount of time to place bets on the roulette table and one the croupier has signalled that no more bets will be accepted, he will spin the roulette wheel and the ball in opposite directions. Once the ball has stopped spinning and lands in a numbered pocket, it will reveal the winning number. A player will then receive winnings if any according to the bets placed on the winning number. The croupier will clear all the losing bets from the table and award the winnings to the correct bets. There are various bet types which may be placed by players in the European roulette layout. Such bets include the inside bets – where bets are placed within the numbers laid out on the roulette table from the numbers zero to thirty six on either single numbers or grouped numbers – and outside bets – where players can place bets outside the numbered layout on large groups of numbers, red or black and odds or evens.

With the increase in the popularity of roulette, online casinos have enabled players to play their favourite table game from the comfort of their own home. With the advancement of roulette software, players need not travel distanced in order to get the casino feel and excitement that European roulette is known for. Online players are able to access the best game in the casino market with limited download. The way the European roulette is played online is the same as if players were playing in a land based casino. So much so that online players also have the opportunity to play against live croupiers who would be transmitted live from within a land based casino to the player’s computer. Paddy Power roulette, Ladbrokes Roulette and Party Casino Roulette are some of the online casinos that offer both virtual and live versions of roulette for their players to choose from. Just like the standard European roulette, the set up of the game remains the same; a European roulette wheel and a roulette layout. European roulette led to the development and creation of American roulette. If a player decided to pick and play a single zero European roulette, their odds will be greatly improved in comparison to American Roulette. The chance of the house winning is half that of American roulette which is approximately 2.63%. European roulette is also a great opportunity for high rollers. Although land based casinos do not always offer both versions of the game, players are certain to find both versions in online casinos. Should a player be uncertain of the rules and regulations of the European roulette itself, they may refer to the information being offered within the game itself.