Hi Lo Bet

Roulette is one of the most exciting table games of chance within any form of casino. Whether a player is playing the online roulette or casino roulette the objective remains the same. A player would need to place a bet on any number or group of numbers in the hopes that the winning number revealed by the roulette wheel and ball turns out to be a number which was bet on. Among the various forms of bets a player can place on a roulette table, the two main kinds are inside bets and outside bets.

For starters it is important that players understand the roulette layout before explaining the difference between the two main forms of bets. A roulette wheel is comprised of numbers between 0 and 36. The same numbers apply to the roulette table where the numbers are placed in numerical order. Although a roulette wheel in the American game of roulette and European roulette differ in the layout of the numbers due to the additional double zero (00) figure in the American roulette, the table layout still remains the same. At the top of the table are listed the zero(s) in the colour green which are also marked likewise in the roulette wheel. Then the numbers are listed down in numerical order in rows of three in three columns of twelve numbers each. The colours black and red are given to the various numbers depending on the layout of the corresponding numbers in the roulette wheel. A player may place bets in any form among the numbers in the layout and these are referred to as inside bets. Some examples of such bets are the straight up bet where a player will place a bet on a single number, a split bet where a player will place a bet on two adjacent numbers, a street bet where a player will place a bet including three adjacent numbers, a six line bet or a double street bet where a player places a bet on six adjacent numbers and a corner bet which covers four adjacent numbers. On the outside of this numbered layout, the table is comprised of various boxes which correspond to a particular group of numbers. These are referred to as outside bets whereby a player places a chip in any of the marked boxes which will automatically cover specific groups. Such examples of outside bets include the red and black bet where players will bet on all numbers in red or all numbers in black, the odd and even bet where players will place bets in the boxes covering either all odd number or all even number, a column bet where players will be covering all numbers within a specific column of numbers, the dozen bet which will cover the first, second, or third twelve numbers in the layout and of course the high and low bet.

As mentioned earlier a high and low bet is an outside bet whose corresponding betting box is located on either side of the odd and even boxes on the outer part of the roulette layout. As the name suggests this type of bet will either cover the lower numbers which are from 1 to 18 or the higher numbers in the roulette layout which are from 19 to 36. In French roulette the high numbers are referred to as Manque and the low numbers are referred to as Passe. While in American and European roulette these boxes are simply marked as 1-18 or 19-36. The payout odds for such a bet are 1 to 1 making it the lowest form of odds in roulette. All outside bets’ payout odds are low due to the fact that these types of bets do not refer to any particular bet, while an inside bet such as a straight up bet pays the highest odds possible at 35 to 1. Although this is a bet most commonly used by beginners or less risk takers, there are various roulette strategies which include this form of bet which give players the possibility to win large sums should the strategy be followed properly.

Roulette strategies are being utilised by roulette players of various levels. Be it a beginner who would like to join in the fun and excitement of the game, or a professional player who builds a career out of the game, strategies are constantly being used in order for players to have the upper hand over the house and beat all odds. Before discussing strategies further, it is important to note that roulette still remains a game of chance and although some strategies help, the game is still based on luck. Most roulette strategies make use of mathematical progressions such as in the case of the martingale strategy and the Fibonacci strategy. In these forms of strategies, a player will place a particular amount of bets on outside bets such as the high and low bet. While still keeping within the table limits of the particular roulette table, players will then double their bets after each every loss so as to make up for the losses made should there finally be a win. In the Fibonacci strategy a player will follow the Fibonacci sequence in multiplying their bets by two each time there is a loss. Although these forms of roulette strategies prove to be sometimes successful, a player may have to be prepared to lose a substantial amount of money before being able to win large. The table limits imposed in roulette are made in order to minimize players who make use of such strategies and therefore it is important to stick to these rules of the game. However should any player wish to practice any strategies involving the high and low bet before playing for real money, they may do so thanks to the unique ability of being able to play free roulette in various online casinos. More often than not, players are not required to register and log into an account before they are able to submit to such game play, and therefore this gives them the advantage over many land based roulette players.