Ladbrokes Roulette

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Ladbrokes has been around as a betting company since the 1900s and has since become a household name in online gaming. Having established itself as a British based online casino, Ladbrokes expanded its services to other countries around the world. Among the many games being offered, Ladbrokes also offers online casino roulette. Being one of the most popular table games in casino history, roulette was and still is by no doubt the most sought after online table game.

Ladbrokes offers a variety of different types of roulette games ranging from their real live roulette to numerous virtual roulettes. However no matter the type of game being offered, Ladbrokes guarantees a unique experience of fun and entertainment in a safe and secure environment. Complying with the strict rules and regulations of the online gaming industry, Ladbrokes stores all transactions and profiles of their players in state of the art software where no outside parties can manipulate any of that information. One of the greatest joys of being able to play roulette in an online casino such as Ladbrokes is the fact that it offers its virtual games in free play. But before being able to describe the Ladbrokes free roulette, it is important to point out the various online roulette games being offered by this well known online casino. One of the most attractive features of online casinos is the fact that players are able to play real live roulette without the need of travelling to the closest land based casino. Ladbrokes gives its players the opportunity to simply register, log in and begin playing on a real table. The way this works is something that has been developed among online casinos in recent years. Through the live transmission broadcasted from within a real live casino setup, online players are able to join a multitude of roulette tables where a real croupier will be handling the table. This means that all game play and interaction between this live roulette table can be made from the comfort of each player’s home. As this game is only offered in real mode, players would need to register an account and play with real money n order to access the page. However should players not be ready to register an account with Ladbrokes immediately, they are able to still play their favourite roulette games in virtual mode.

Among the many RNG roulette games, players are able to select a vast variety of different roulette types. RNG refers to the fact that all these virtual games are run by a state of the art of software where all results are randomly generated. This means that none of the results are predetermined and therefore enable players to play their favourite game knowing that there is no manipulation from any sources. Among the online roulette games being offered include: , American Roulette, European Roulette, European Roulette Gold, French Roulette, Multi wheel Roulette, Premier Online Roulette, Premier Roulette Diamond, Premier Roulette Gold, and Wheel of Winners. As one can see there are plenty of games to choose from and all can be played in either real or free play. In order to activate free play, players need simply enter the Ladbrokes casino page, click on the desired roulette game and select ‘free play’ without logging into an account beforehand. Once the player has better acquainted themselves with the game and wish to begin winning real money, they can do by registering, logging into an account and clicking on the ‘real play’ option.

American roulette is based on the Americanised version of roulette whereby according to roulette history, the Americans had added an additional double zero (00) feature so as to add to the house edge of the game. Although the house edge is at 5.26%, it still proves to be a very popular game. On the other hand, should players prefer to play European roulette this is also offered. European roulette comprises of a similar layout as in American roulette with the main difference being that there is solely the single zero (0) in the composition of the roulette layout and table. This in turn gives the game half of the house edge it would be in American roulette. European roulette Gold which is yet another virtual roulette game being offered by Ladbrokes, is one of the most popular RNG roulette as its graphics are somewhat more realistic and it also includes some additional special betting features. French roulette is another roulette game being offered which is based on the traditional French style of roulette. The layout is similar to all other roulette games where players are given the chance to bet on numbers from 0 to 36 in the hopes of placing a bet on the eventual winning numbered as determined by the roulette wheel. There are three various betting types available in French roulette and these are inside bets, outside bets and call bets as well as having the opportunity to play according to the La Partage rules. Multi wheel roulette is one of Ladbroke’s latest releases when it comes to roulette. As the name states, players are able to select a number of roulette games and layouts to play with. This means that an online player can play on a multitude of roulette tables simultaneously by placing just a single bet on the table. In other words, there is one table layout on which players are able to place their bets and while all wheels spin simultaneously, the player has up to 8 chances of winning. The Premier Online roulette and Premiere roulette gold are additional roulette games whereby the player is able to select from a series of various table limits. The minimum and maximum wagering limits are used as a guide line so that players may bet as many times as they wish on the roulette table while sticking to the table limits. Finally Wheel of winners is slightly different to the standard roulette game. It comprises of a roulette wheel nonetheless but instead of the numbers being in either black or red, there are 4 different colours which the numbers are marked in and it contains 39 segments instead of the traditional numbers from 0 to 36. While players still bet on a board which is similar to that of roulette, this game gives players the additional advantage of activating a bonus game which gives players a higher opportunity to win large sums of money.