Live Roulette

The development of online gaming has attracted countless casino players from around the world who prefer to play their favourite game from the comfort of their own home. Roulette has always been among the most popular and oldest table games having been firstly introduced in the eighteenth century in France. Online casinos have developed countless means for players to play this favoured game through the use of some of the best Roulette Software. They offer versions such as the live and RNG roulette (Random Number Generation roulette). However no matter which version a player chooses the objective and the method of how to play roulette remains the same. In this section we shall be describing the most popular online roulette in the online gaming industry; the Live Roulette.

Live Roulette has only been established in the last few years as it is in direct conjunction with either a land based casino or a casino hall. This means that players, from their own homes, can still play with dealers and other players as one would do when playing in an actual land based casino. The online casinos offer different kinds of roulette ranging from American Roulette and European Roulette at various levels. The Ladbrokes Roulette section of its casino edition gives online players the possibility to choose from any type of level from the same game. This means that should a player already have an idea of how online roulette functions and feels confident in his / her own play, they could choose from the premium and gold roulette tables. Should a player however wish to play at the minimum amount there are also the standard roulette tables to choose from. An advantage that online casinos have over land based casinos is the fact that they offer roulette play in practice mode where players are able to try out this game without having to register and log into an account. Through this mode, online players will be able to practice roulette before preparing themselves to win real money. In many online casinos, live roulette is not offered in practice mode but straight in real mode requiring players to register and log into an account beforehand. Once logged in, players will gain full access to the live site of roulette.

Being able to play live with an actual dealer from any computer in the world, gives online casinos the upper hand to land based casinos. In this method, players are not required to travel distances or take in additional costs in order to play the best table game. The way it works is simple and therefore requires little if no downloading from the online player’s point of view. The online casino has a direct camera link with the table and dealers who are either located in a land based casino or in a casino hall. The camera itself will transmit a live broadcast in real time. The camera will zoom in and out between a bird’s eye view of the roulette layout and the roulette wheel itself once it has begun spinning. This gives online players the opportunity to view all that goes on at the real table. The difference between the live roulette that is transmitted from within a land based casino and that which is transmitted from a casino hall is the communication with the dealer. As roulette does not require players to communicate with the dealers, some online casinos offer online players the chance to chat with the dealer and the other players through an internet messaging system within the game. This form of communication is only done when the players are playing with dealers from a casino hall. During the transmission from a land based casino, players are unable to chat with the dealer as the dealers will also be busy dealing with other players within the land based casino itself; thus it will be impossible from the dealer to gives his full attention to online players. Another important factor to remember that differs the two different types of online live play is that in transmission from land based casinos, there is no limit to the actual online players who may join and play the same round as there is no communication needed and online players only get to see the game play performed by themselves. In the transmission from a casino hall, there is a limit to the number of players who can play the same round of roulette and that is usually limited to eight players. This is the same maximum number of players who are allowed to play at a land based casino roulette table. Just like in a land based casino, online live roulette is played in the same method where chips are being used to place bets on the roulette layout. These chips are exchanged from the player’s balance and all winning chips can be exchanged back to cash in an online player’s account. Depending on the roulette game being played (whether American roulette or European roulette), the wheel differs slightly by an extra zero (0). The American roulette wheel has the same numbers as in the European roulette wheel with the difference that it has an additional zero figure added; the double zero (00). Other than that the sequence of play remains the same as any roulette game; the player is given a set time of when to place his / her bets on the table. Once the time has run out and the online live dealer indicates that ‘No more bets’ will be accepted, the roulette wheel is set spinning and the ball is spun in the opposite direction of the spinning roulette wheel. Once the ball stops rolling, it will land on one of the numbered pockets revealing the winning number. According to the online bets places, a player will then receive the winnings according to the odds of the bet made.

This advancement of online roulette game play enables players to gain the satisfaction and feel of a land based casino by playing on their own computer from anywhere in the world.