Odd Even Bet

The game of roulette has been around for a number of years offering players a new and exciting game which provides a sort of competition between the player and the house. When the game first started, roulette providers sought out ways to better the house edge making the game even more competitive. Although certain new rules did not agree with many players, the forced change of certain rules and regulations of the game made it what we know it today.

‘Roulette’, which means small spinning wheel in French, was first invented by an obsessed mathematician who was seeking a way of causing a wheel to move around on its own axis. Before he knew it, he was the first inventor of the game. The game of roulette did not immediately start out as the game for which we known it nowadays but instead it started out as a game of Odds and Evens. The roulette wheel was initially marked with either an O or an E which stood for either an odd or an even number. No numbers were used within the wheel as this was introduced much later. At this time there was not much competition in this form of roulette and therefore the use of numbers began to be part of the roulette layout. Although the use of betting on either odd or even numbers still exists today, the layout is somewhat different. A standard roulette table layout includes the numbers from one to thirty six where each number is placed in numerical order in rows of three by three columns. Each number differs between the colour black and red in order to avoid confusion. It was only in the 19th century that that invention of the zero was included among the numbers within the roulette layout. Although it was initially marked as a black colour, the zero was eventually changed to green to distinguish it as a house edge number. Once the Americans were introduced to the game of roulette through French immigrants in New Orleans, roulette changed to include the double zero house edge together with the already existing single zero. This saw the birth of the two most popular roulettes the American roulette and the European Roulette.

A roulette layout comprises of two different bets, the inside bets and the outside bets. The inside bets include any bets placed within the numbered inner layout of the roulette table. Among such bets are the straight up bet which is a bet on a single number whose odds are the highest at 35 to 1, a split bet which is a bet between two adjacent numbers, a corner bet which is a bet made among four adjacent numbers, a street bet which is a bet made on three adjacent numbers and a six line bet which is a bet placed among six adjacent numbers or two street bets. These kinds of bets can only be placed among the numbers on the roulette layout, while outside bets are located outside these numbered sections. Outside bets are found around the exterior of the roulette numbered layout where there are distinct boxes indicating the various outside bets. These bets do not necessarily include a particular number, but they are bets placed on selected groups of numbers. Such a bet is the odd and even bet, the black and red bet, the dozen bet and the high and low bet and a column bet. In the case of an odd and even bet, the player has a choice of either placing a bet which includes all even or odd numbers on the table and wheel. This type of bet gives a payout ratio of 1 to 1 as the chance of hitting either an odd or even are more likely than if a player had to select to place a bet on a particular number alone such as in the case of a straight up bet.

Although there are many mathematical roulette strategies that involve the odd and even bet, one must not forget that roulette remains a game of chance and that no single strategy can always guarantee a fast win. Some roulette strategies such as the Martingale or the Fibonacci strategy involve the mathematical form of progression whereby layers will add more bets to their previous bets after every loss. More often than not, such strategies include the use of outside bets such as this odd and even bet. The reason for this is that there is more of a chance that players will win by placing these types of bets than if they had to place inside bets. However it is important to note that should the winning number be the zero(s), then the player will lose all bets placed on the table as an odd and even bet does not include the zero(s). But there is a way for players to try and perfect such strategies and that includes the use of online roulette. Online roulette has been developed in such ways using some of the best roulette software in the online gaming industry which enable players to play as if they were playing within an actual land based casino. There are various forms of roulette being offered by online casinos and these include the live roulette and the RNG roulette. Whether players decide to play with real live croupiers through the transmission of a live broadcast of an actual roulette game within a land based casino, or a virtual version of roulette, it is likely that they will also offer online players the chance to play free roulette. In this case online players will not be playing with real money, but with virtual money so as they may play the game as many times as they like in order to practice and better acquaint themselves with the game. Once the player is ready to win real money they may do so within the same online casino by registering and logging into their account. Real play is played in exactly the same way a player would expect to play in a land based casino and therefore all winnings and chips are easily transferrable into cash and placed within their online accounts.