Online Casino Roulette

Different forms of casinos were known to exist for a number of years and it was only a matter of time that online casinos were to eventually increase in popularity also. With the passing of time, online casinos began to offer opportunities which were unavailable to any other sort of casino. They offered chances for players to play the most popular casino games in free mode such as free roulette. Roulette is and always has been the most popular table game in casino history and was therefore inevitably added to the online casinos’ database of fantastic games. Online roulette has given the chance to all players who were unable to travel to their closest land based casino to still play with live croupiers while sitting at their computer. No added costs and no added travel arrangements would need to be made in order to play this type of roulette.

The two main types of roulette which are being offered by online casinos are either the live roulette or the RNG roulette (otherwise referred to as virtual roulette). In the live roulette players get to access a live transmission and broadcast of a croupier within a land based casino or a casino hall while online players get to attend the game from their home. The live transmission is broadcasted from real live cameras which are located above the dealers. And while some croupiers actually communicate and are dedicated to playing with online players alone, there are others which are based within land based casinos who will be dealing to both online player and casino players. On the other hand, the RNG roulette (i.e. Random Number Generated roulette), online players get the chance to lay virtual roulette where everything is automated. RNG refers to the fact that no results are predetermined and after being approved by the relative authorities give fair and just results. Free roulette can be offered in either form however it is important to note that some online casinos may require players to register and log into an account in order to access the free mode. In the same instance other online casinos do not require online players to do so and they may access free mode by just entering the casino website of their desire. Most players opt for free mode before engaging in real play so as to better practice and acquaint themselves with the new roulette strategies available as well as know the betting types and odds far better. Online casino roulette can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world just as long as a player has internet access. Little or no download is required in order to play this favoured game. Depending on which of the advanced software being used by the online casino will also depend on the form of download required.

In both RNG and live roulette, the rules and regulations of online casino roulette remain the same as in the standard casino roulette. Most online casinos offer both of the most popular roulette types; American roulette and European roulette. Apart from the difference in the roulette wheel layout, another main difference between the two is the fact that American roulette has added an additional house advantage, the double zero (00). The double zero was added so as to create more competition between the house and the players. It was because of this that the house edge in American roulette is 5.26% while the European roulette’s house edge is half as much. All this is due to the zeros in the layout. However one thing remains the same, and that is the objective and the method in which online casino roulette is played. The aim of the game is for players to place bets on the numbered roulette layout in the hopes that their bet will include the winning number determined by the rotating roulette wheel and ball and in turn beating the house edge. The numbers within the layout will include the single zero (0) (as well as the double zero (00) in the case of American roulette) and the numbers from 1 to 36. Players have the choice of either placing inside bets or outside bets. Inside bets include bets being placed within the numbered layout such as a split bet between two adjacent numbers while outside bets include grouped numbers without indicating the exact number such as an odd and even bet. The odds pertained to each bet differ and this is what makes the game the most interesting.

Players learn how to play roulette through practice and strategizing. Roulette strategies exist in various mathematical forms and online casino roulette is the best way for players to practice these strategies through free roulette before moving onto real mode online casino roulette. Players will transfer their cash into chips and since online casino roulette is a one to one game, online players will only get to view their own bets on the table and nobody else’s. Each individual computer screen view is dedicated to each individual online player. As casino roulette contains tables with various limits, so does online casino roulette. An online player has the choice of selecting the table which is most appropriate for them depending on the minimum and maximum wagering limits they prefer. Therefore a player can place as many chips on the table as they desire just as long as they remain within those limits. In live roulette a player is allocated a certain amount of time to place their chips on the table. In RNG roulette, online players decide on how fast or slow paced the game shall be as it is up to them to set the automated wheel spinning. This virtual roulette also offers the option for players to select the ‘fast spin’ where they need not wait for the ball to stop spinning in order to get the final result. As mentioned earlier no results are predetermined and are therefore a just and safe environment for players to play in. Once the bets have been places, and the winning number has been revealed by the spinning roulette ball and wheel, players will immediately receive their winnings (if any) in chips on the table. As soon as a player decides to cash out, they will be able to do so by transferring the chips to their main account which in turn automatically turn into cash which they can then withdraw.