Online Roulette

With the introduction to land based casinos there came the introduction of a whole new gambling and gaming scene that has boomed in the last centuries. Roulette has always been part of that scene ever since its development in the 18th century. Although it might have been easier in the past for players to visit casino cities such as Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, times have changed and players have become less frequent visitors to land based casinos than they were in the past. Therefore in order to meet the demands for players to attend and play their favourite games without the need to leave the comfort of their own home, online casinos began to develop around the world. It was then only a matter of time that roulette became one of the most popular online games being played in the online gaming industry.

As roulette was and still is one of the most popular table games, new roulette software was introduced and utilised over the internet among these online casinos. Roulette was brought in various forms ranging from live roulette to RNG roulette giving players the chance to participate in free roulette. As this growth in online roulette expanded to all corners of the globe, online casinos made sure that both American roulette and European roulette were being offered to their players. These two versions of roulette have attracted a variety of players whose level of play ranged from beginners’ level to professional. However no matter the level, players sought out ways to either enjoy the game more or build a career in the game.

Online roulette offers new and improved opportunities to players that land based casinos could not. For starters it is important to mention that most online casinos offer two different types of game play. Paddy Power Roulette, Ladbrokes Roulette and Party Casino Roulette are being offered in both live and virtual mode. The live mode in roulette is where online players are able to play with real live dealers as if they were playing in a land based casino. Live roulette is the live interaction between a real live croupier from within a land based casino or casino hall and an online player. In this case online players are able to place their bets on an imitation roulette layout and a real live croupier is the one who spins the ball and roulette wheel to reveal the winning number. On the other hand, virtual roulette or otherwise referred to as RNG roulette (Random number generated) is an online version of roulette whereby players are playing a one-to-one game with a virtual automatic croupier and wheel. In this version players are also given the chance to place bets on an imitation roulette layout and the wheel is spun once the player is ready. This game can be as fast or as slow paced as the player desires as it is up to them to spin the wheel at any given time once the bets have been placed. As in casino roulette, each table is given a certain amount of wagering limits for which the bets needs to be placed. Players cannot exceed these limits as the table will automatically indicate so and not allow any further bets. Although online roulette has been developed to offer more convenient roulette play, it is still played with the same rules and regulations as one would come to expect in a normal roulette game. A player has a series of betting types to choose from ranging from inside and outside bets. The inside bets are the types of bets where chips are placed on numbers or small grouped numbers such as a straight up bet (a bet on a single numbers), split bet (a bet on two adjacent numbers), street bet (a bet on three adjacent numbers), corner bet (a bet on four adjacent numbers), and a six line bet (a bet on six adjacent numbers). The outside bets include grouped bets such as a dozen bet, a hi and lo bet, a black and red bet and an odd and even bet and a column bet (a bet on a series of numbers within a particular column). No matter which bet is made, a player has the same payout odds as a normal roulette table ranging from 35 to 1 on a straight up bet to a 1 to 1 odd on a black and red bet.

One of the major advantages online roulette has over casino roulette is the fact that players are able to play free roulette. More often than not, online casinos do not require players to register and log into an account before being able to try out this favoured game. Players can simply click on the type of roulette they desire and the game will automatically open with little or no download. Free roulette is an opportunity for players to test out any roulette strategies they wish or just simply get better acquainted with the rules, regulations and betting odds of roulette. There is no other kind of casino roulette that can offer this opportunity. It is a method for players to prepare themselves for play with real money. Online roulette also offers roulette in real mode whereby players would need to log into an account in order to access it. Real mode requires players to include real money in their account before they are able to begin winning real money. In certain online roulette games, players would need to transfer their money into chips before the beginning of the game and then transfer their winnings back into cash at the end of their game play before it can be transferred to their account. Winnings are given out automatically and immediately just like in casino roulette. Online roulette offers a safe and secure environment being control by the authorities of the online gaming industry. This was players may rest assured that any transactions that take place within these online casinos remain in safe hands. Once winnings have been transferred to players’ main accounts, they may then be withdrawn into players’ own back accounts.