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Paddy Power is a well known online casino that initially gained popularity among online players from the Republic of Ireland. However due to its constant growth, Paddy Power has extended its casino games and services to players from various parts of the world. The reason for its increased popularity is that Paddy Power has followed the feedback of its players and has adapted certain features to meet these demands. Some such features include the increase in game variety ranging from the most popular video slots to the most popular table games such as roulette. But the greatest advantage of all is that Paddy Power not only offers its games in real mode which can be played for real money, but it also offers them in ‘Practice play’.

There are certain online casino games within Paddy Power that require a certain amount of downloadable software in order to access them. However should players not wish to go through the process of download, they are still able to play their favourite games through instant play via their internet browser. As this online casino is one of the few that offers free practice play, players may access this type of game mode without the need to register or log into an account. All players would need to do is simply select the desired game, click on practice mode and begin playing with a substantial amount of free credit which would have been allocated to the particular game. Online casino roulette is no exception to this rule and players are able to access the free mode at any time they desire. However should a player wish to begin winning real money, they may do so by registering, logging into their account and selecting real play from the options given by the roulette game. Among the many roulette games being offered, Paddy Power has included: 3D Roulette, Wild Vikings, French Roulette, Roulette Premium Series Europe, Roulette Premium Series French, Roulette Premium Series, Roulette Premium Series American, European Roulette, Roulette Pro, American Roulette, Multiplayer European Roulette (available only through download), mini roulette (available only through download).

As in standard land based casino roulette, the online roulette’s objective remains the same. The aim is for players to be able to try and predict the winning number revealed by the roulette wheel by placing a variety of bets on the roulette layout. There are various types of bets which can be placed in any type of roulette game and these include inside bets, outside bets and call bets in the case of French roulette. Inside bets include betting types which are placed within the inner layout of the roulette table. Such bets are a straight up be, a split bet, a street bet, a corner bet, and a six line bet. Outside bets include bets which are placed in the marked boxes outside the inner layout. These bets are grouped amounts of numbers within specifying exactly a particular number they wish to bet on. Such bets are a dozen bet, a high and low bet, a black and red bet and an odd and even bet and a column bet. However should a player be new to the roulette game and wishes to acquaint themselves with the game better before playing for real money, they may do so through the Practice play. This gives players the opportunity to also practice some popular roulette strategies before putting them into practice.

Paddy Power has made use of some of the best online gaming software in the online gaming industry. This form of software is called Playtech and features some realistic graphics in order to make the virtual experience as entertaining and exciting as possible. 3D Roulette, as the name suggests, provides a 3D layout of a roulette wheel in the front centre part of a player’s computer screen. Above the roulette wheel, a player will be able to view a standard roulette table layout making it easier for players to place their bets while still being able to have a clear view of the table and the roulette wheel. Wild Vikings is a completely different version to the standard roulette game whereby instead of making use of a roulette wheel the game entails the use of playing cards. Instead of a ball determining the winning number, the result is determined by the five cards which are drawn by the virtual dealer. A player simply places a bet on the cards that they predict will be a winning number and should the cards dealt reveal the winning number then the player will win according to the payout table located within the game. French roulette, European roulette and American roulette being offered by the Paddy Power Roulette games are played in the standard versions these games are usually played in. Although there is a slight difference in the layout and the fact that the American roulette has an additional zero figure (the double zero (00)) the games are played based on either roulette strategies and the predictions players may have in order to bet on the winning number revealed by the spinning ball in the roulette wheel. As each roulette table has table limits in order to pre determine the minimum and maximum betting amounts a player is allowed to place in a single round of roulette, there are also games being offered in the Pro series. These Pro series allow players to play with higher limits and although they are a pro series it does not limit the game play to professional players alone. Any type of player is able to attend should they wish. The multiplayer European roulette and the mini roulette is only available through download as they also include the play among various others online players who would be playing the game of roulette simultaneously. Generally however in all other virtual roulette games, there is no limit to the number of players who may play the same game as the screen will only show the player’s own bets on an individual basis; these games are played one to one between the online player and the virtual croupier.