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Party Casino is one of the world’s leading online gaming casinos in the online gaming industry. Having gained its licence from the gambling authorities of the government of Gibraltar, it ensures that all its games are independently tested in order to ensure a reliable, safe and secure online gaming environment. Having utilised some of the best software and state of the art technology it offers a vast range of games including online casino roulette. Being one of the most popular and exciting table games in history, roulette has proved that its popularity has grown much further with its introduction as an online game. Roulette gambling remains one of the most attractive games and will not cease to gain more popularity thanks to the various and best online roulette games available in online casinos such as Party Casino.

Party Casino roulette can be found in various sections of the Party Casino website. For starters however it is important to note that there are two features through which online players are able to play online roulette. These two distinct features include both download and instant play. The software available for download is a safe and secure method in which players are able to access additional dealers and games such as live roulette. This process takes only a matter of minutes and guarantees that this software will take up a minimum amount of a computer’s memory. On the other hand, should players not wish to download any software, there is also the ability for them to play instantly through their web browser. All a player would need to do is log into their account, immediately click on the desired game and begin playing just as long as there is internet access available. As both different methods of game play include various versions of online roulette, players would need to firstly establish which roulette play they prefer.

Party Casino offers the various roulette games in real mode alone and therefore players would need to register and log into an account in order to play any of the instant play or downloadable games. Among the roulette games being offered, are the live roulette which can only be accessed through download. This means of playing roulette allows players to play in a real live environment from the comfort of their own home. They are able to play with real chips, interact with a real live croupier without the need to travel to the closest land based casino. This sophisticated method of roulette play is made possible thanks to the advanced technology allowing a live transmission feed of the actual roulette table to be broadcasted straight to an online player’s computer. An online player will be able to see the actual roulette wheel being turned and the winning number of the roulette wheel as the camera located on top of the roulette table zooms in and out between the roulette wheel and the croupier. Players are able to place as many bets as they desire just as long as they stick to the imposed table limits. A player may be able, however, to select the table whose limits appeal to them the most in order to suit various players’ pockets. On the other hand, should a player wish to play in virtual mode, there are various versions of RNG roulette to choose from. RNG refers to the fact that all virtual roulette games function on a random number generator whereby all results are at random and no manipulation can be made from any outside sources. As these virtual roulette games also require players to register and log into account before they are accessed, players will be notified as to which virtual games would need to be downloaded or instantly played beforehand. Among the virtual roulette games that may be played within Part Casino include: European Roulette, European Roulette Pro and the American game of Roulette.

According to roulette history, roulette was first introduced in France where various versions of the initial game of roulette were developed. So much so that the name ‘roulette’ derived from the French word which means small wheel. Over the centuries, the game developed in ways that led to the introduction of the main versions of roulette; American roulette and European roulette. The slight difference between these two games is the fact that the American roulette, has added an additional zero figure together with the standard single zero (0). And this is the double zero (00) feature. Through this additional house edge, the American roulette has a 5.26% advantage over its players while European roulette has half the amount. Although there is this variety in the game, roulette still remains the most popular table game in existence no matter the version which is being played. In online roulette players will access an imitation table with the roulette layout positioned along an online player’s computer screen while on the left hand side (or in the above centre of the screen depending on which game is being played), a player will view a roulette wheel which will only spin once the player selects it to do so. This means that unlike in live roulette, the players are not given a particular amount of time in order to place their bets as it is at their own choice of how fast or slow paced the game shall be. Once the player has placed virtual chips on the table while still keeping to the table limits, they can select the ‘spin’ button in order to set the ball spinning in the roulette wheel. Once the ball stops spinning, the winning number will then be revealed. Then, in accordance to the payout table available on the screen, players will be paid according to the odds of the bet placed. Online players have a series of betting types that they may place on the roulette layout and these are the same as if a player were playing within an actual land based casino. Depending on the preferred betting type, a player can either place inside bets or outside bets. The rules and regulations of each roulette game are listed within the game itself.