RNG Roulette

With the state of the economy nowadays, casino players are finding it difficult to travel to some of the best world known casinos to play their favourite game of roulette. The most popular casino destinations include cities such as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo where the first versions of American and European roulette were first adopted. However travelling such distances can cause additional costs as well as time consumption. Therefore, with the increased internet usage, online casinos have developed ways for players to play online roulette without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The advancement of technology used in roulette software enables online players to attend either live roulette or virtual RNG roulette.

Virtual roulette otherwise referred to as RNG roulette (Random Number Generation) is an alternative to live roulette whereby the online player is playing with an automated virtual croupier. The best advantage this roulette version has over the live version is that it can be as fast or as slow paced as the player desires. This is so as the online player is not competing or playing with any other players as it is a one – to – one game play with the automatic croupier. The term RNG refers to the fact that all game play within this virtual roulette is controlled by a random number generator. All results within this roulette are concluded at random avoiding any mishandlings by any roulette operator. In this way players are guaranteed a safe and secure environment in which to play in as results are checked upon by the online gaming industry’s authorities. One of the major advantages that such virtual roulette offers online players is the fact that it can also be offered as Free Roulette. This means that players who wish to practice their new found Roulette Strategies or have never before played roulette, may do so without the need to play with real money. All virtual roulette types such as Paddy Power Roulette, Ladbrokes Roulette, and Party Casino roulette all provide players the opportunity to play the free RNG Roulette. Although the roulette software for each one of the online casinos may differ, the online player may access these games either through a minimum amount of download or none at all. Most online casinos offer free roulette without the need for players to log into an account. All players would need to do is select the online casino of their choice that offers free roulette, click on the type of roulette they desire and a substantial amount of free virtual credit will be allocated to that game. This amount of free credit can me renewed at any time when the game itself is refreshed and therefore players have access to play the free roulette for as long as they wish. Although systems may differ, the rules and regulations of the roulette game remain constant. An online player may have the choice to choose between virtual American Roulette and virtual European roulette. The main difference between these two roulette versions is that in American roulette, the house edge includes the use of the double zero (00) together with the single zero (0), while the European roulette only has the one single zero (0).

All types of RNG roulette can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world thanks to the unique roulette software that enables online players to access them from any computer through the internet. Various online casinos have made used of some of the best known online game providers in the industry. With a click of a button, an online player can experience any kind of roulette while still playing the game they love following the same rules a standard land based roulette game has. Whenever a player opens an RNG roulette game, the setup is the same as in any roulette depending on whether the player is playing American roulette or European roulette. As this is not a live game, the player will be playing against an automated croupier and there is no designated time in which a player is expected to place bets. Instead, RNG roulette can be placed at a slow or fast pace depending on the player’s experience. The layout represents the placements where online players can place either outside or inside bets on the layout. Once the player has placed the bets they desire within the wagering limits of the table, the player will click on the ‘spin’ button in order to set the roulette wheel and ball spinning. There is an option in some online casino roulette games where the player can select a ‘quick spin’ whereby the wheel is automatically spun within seconds before revealing the winning number. This is why the phrase RNG is so important in this case. As these types of virtual games are under the supervision of the appropriate online gaming authorities, the numbers which are randomly generated are in fact at random, and no results have been pre-set; therefore making it still a game of chance. Then, depending on the type of bet made by the player and the odds pertained to that bet, the player will immediately receive their winnings which are automatically transferred to the player’s online balance.

Roulette strategies may be the deciding point in what makes a player a beginner or a professional. The only way of gaining experience in roulette is by playing the game often enough to perfect these strategies and understand the game thoroughly. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the RNG roulette is a perfect opportunity for such players to practice their favourite game at a fast pace or slow pace so that they may get used to the betting types and odds of roulette. Should a player then decide that they are ready to play for real money, all they would need to do is log into an online casino account and begin playing for real money. An online player has the chance to win large sums of money with little play and gain the house advantage through the right play. Another interesting feature being offered by online casinos, is that they also offer players the chance to play live roulette with croupiers through online transmission from an actual land based casino. However more information about this is provided within a separate section of this informative website.