Roulette Strategies

According to roulette history, roulette has attracted countless players from around the world for hundreds of years. It is one of the most popular and entertaining tables games in the casino industry and although it simple to understand it may sometimes require some form of strategy for the professional player. Roulette can be played for various reasons. Some such reasons may be simply for the enjoyment of the game and others for career opportunities. Either way, ever since roulette was invented in the 18th century the main reason for playing was to try and make as much money as possible by beating the roulette wheel and predicting the correct winning number. However no matter the reason and the strategy being used by each individual player, the sole purpose of the game is for players to try and claim the upper hand over the house / casino advantage.

Throughout the years, players have developed different strategies which can be either effective or none at all. The most effective strategies grew in popularity ranging from Beginner Roulette Strategy, Advanced roulette strategy and Professional roulette strategy. However with a bit of luck, any strategy can show fantastic results giving players the opportunity to win large sums of money. In this informative website, we shall providing players with some of the most popular strategies in order to aid players in their goal of beating the casino advantage. In American roulette the casino has a 5.26% advantage while in European roulette the casino edge is half the amount. This advantage is due to the zeros implemented in each roulette version. In American roulette the house numbers are the single zero (0) as well as the double zero (00) while in European roulette, it has solely the single zero (0). These strategies will also enable players to learn how to play roulette by placing the best suggested bets on the roulette layout table. One of the most effective roulette strategies was introduced in the 1700s when roulette first came into the picture. This strategy is also referred to as ‘martingale’. Although this strategy is not as popular, it can be quite effective when played properly. This form of strategy can only work if the player is willing to lose some money. In this case, a player has to double a bet after every loss till the first win manages to reimburse the money that was lost previously. In a perfect scenario, there will be no maximum and minimum limits on the roulette table. However the reason why online casinos and land based casinos have placed these betting limits is to discourage players from making use of this strategy. Taking for example an online casino scenario where the player has decided to place an amount of 2 coins on the blacks where the payout ratio is one to one. The player then loses that bet but according to the strategy, the player is to place the same but doubled bet on the same black option. Should the player win then they will receive the initial lost bet back as well as the new bet. The player may continue to keep doubling the bets with the chances of covering both losses and winning more money.

Another strategy that many players tend to make use of is the ‘Double Street Quad’ strategy. Most players attempt to beat the game by placing bets that cover grouped numbers as well as a straight bet on a single number. In this particular strategy, players will be placing bets in two six line bets, plus a corner bet and finally one straight bet that is not covered by the other bets. By making use of this strategy players are betting on a total of seventeen numbers on the roulette table. The payout of these kind of bets will depend on the winning number and the form in which the bet was place. If the winning number falls within the six line bet, the payout ratio is 5 to 1, if it falls on the corner bet then the payout ratio is 8 to 1 and on a straight up is 35 to 1. An alternative form of strategy can be the ‘Five Quad strategy’. This strategy entails players wagering on five different corner bets. In this way, the player is betting on twenty one different numbers and the payout for winning a bet with such a strategy is eight to one. In this strategy a player also has the option of placing a straight up bet on one of the numbers being covered by the corner bet which pays out 35 to 1.

No matter which roulette strategy a player utilises, they will be able to make some large of sums of money when done so in the proper manner. However it is important to take note that roulette still remains a game of luck and there is no definite strategy that can always guarantee a great win as there is no skill involved. It is a being belief among roulette players that roulette runs on the law of averages whereby, for example, if an odd is the winning number then the next winning number will be an even number and so on and so forth. Any player, however, who is new to the game of roulette may make use of the online casinos’ free roulette which may they use to practice with and try out the various strategies which are recommended. However it is important to note that most strategies will not be satisfactory for all players and players should choose the strategy which benefits them in the long run. Various other strategies include the Fibonacci strategy, the D’Alembert strategy, the Hollandish strategy, the Labouchere strategy, the Oscars Grind strategy, the Parlay strategy as well as many more. Therefore depending on the kind of player playing roulette, there are strategies to suit all levels.