Straight Up Bet

Roulette is the best known table game in existence. However just like all other games, it derived from a history that goes back at least a couple of centuries. It was due to the obsession of one French mathematician who was searching to discover a wheel which turned on its own axis that roulette came to be. It was thanks to his invention that led to the roulette wheel which we have come to know today. Roulette history tells us that it started off as a simple game of odds and evens and players played the game until they managed to predict a correct result on the wheel. After that it was only a matter of times that roulette gambling began.

Although roulette was banned from the different European countries where it was introduced due to its gambling nature, the game did not lose popularity as it began to be developed in new ways in the casinos cities which we know today. Such cities include Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Although new roulette games were developed on two separate continents, the American roulette and the European roulette share common rules, regulations and betting types. The main difference between these two roulettes, apart from the layout of the numbers in their respective roulette wheels, is that American roulette had added an additional house edge; the double zero (00). This gave a higher percentage advantage of the house edge at 5.26% making it twice as much as it was for European roulette. Although this may be true however, roulette remains until this day a high quality and exciting game played by many players from around the world. For some beginners the rules and regulations of roulette may seem somewhat daunting but once a clear understanding is made, then it is a fairly easy game to play. Players need simply understand the various betting types and their odds in order to complete successful roulette strategies.

A straight up bet is one of the six inside bets that can be placed in the inner roulette layout be in American or European roulette. An inside bet is a bet that can be placed directly on the numbered layout on the roulette table. While an outside bet is a bet of a fixed group of numbers which are located in the outer surrounding area of the roulette layout. A straight up bet comprises of the highest payout ratio possible in roulette and this is 35 to 1. This is so as it is a bet placed directly on a particular single number. The odds for this type of bet are so high due to the chances for placing such a bet on the winning number are quite slim. There are thirty six numbers (excluding the zero(s)) for a player to place such a bet on. Although some players may use some forms of roulette strategies in order to predict what the most likely winning number is to come up next from studying the winning numbers from previous rounds, roulette still remains a game of chance where such predictions and calculations may be difficult. Other forms of inside bets such as the straight up bet include a series of other related bets such as a split bet (where a bet includes two adjacent numbers at a payout ratio of 17 to 1), a street bet (where a bet includes three adjacent numbers at a payout ratio of 11 to 1), a corner bet (where a bet includes four adjacent numbers at a payout ratio of 8 to 1), a six line bet – or otherwise referred to as a double street (where a bet includes six adjacent numbers at a payout ratio of 5 to 1) and finally a column bet (which includes a bet of all numbers within a selected column and the payout ratio is 2 to 1).

No matter the level of experience a player may have in playing roulette, whether be it a beginner playing for fun or a professional playing to build a career in the game, players are constantly seaking out new forms of roulette strategies to beat the house edge. The main objective of any type of roulette is for a player to gain the upper hand of the house / casino by trying to beat the odds. A such, there is no strategy involving a straight up bet alone unless one excludes the mathematical calculation of elimination from the previous winning numbers. Most roulette strategies involve the use of a combination of betting types as a mathematical reduction of odds. One such common and popular strategy includes the use of two six line bets, a corner bet and a straight up bet. The purpose for combination strategies such as this, is for players to cover as many numbers as possible on the roulette layout as they possibly can while keeping within the table limits. Minimum and maximum betting limits have been placed on tables in order to minimize players chances in manipulating certain roulette strategies such as the Martingale strategy where players increase their bets with every loss.

With the advancement and increase in popularity of online casinos, online roulette has become another popular form of roulette. Online casino roulette allows players to access the roulette game from their own computer without having to travel long distances to play their favourite game. It is also thanks to this online roulette that players are given the unique opportunity to engage in free roulette in order to practice betting types and strategies. A straight up bet is the easiest type of bet to make as it solely entails players to place a chip on an actual single number in the middle of the numbered boxes covering that said number. In order to better acquaint themselves with such bets, players can only do so through the use of online roulette as t is one of the advantages that online roulette has over land based casino roulette. Should a player win when playing with this kind of bet with real money (be it online roulette or casino roulette), the player will receive thirty five times the amount bet on a straight up bet. Whether the player is playing online live roulette, online RNG roulette or casino roulette, the winnings will immediately be given out to the player in the form of chips which can then in turn be exchanged for cash. A player can win large sums of cash when making use of a straight up bet but it is only up to a player’s indiscretion of what the actual amount of the bet should be as it requires a form of risk in order to place such a bet.